Water wells are underway

Kondoa, Tanzania

Kondoa, Tanzania

What we saw last year when we visited Tanzania was so obviously wrong we knew we had to do something to alleviate the situation.  Bore wells are not something that Africa Windmill Project has ever done before and are not planning on doing again, but sometimes the need is so severe that it must be answered.

We are pleased to share our excitement in announcing that two bore water wells are being drilled in Kondoa, Tanzania starting this week.  The project will be under the supervision of our new Director of Development, Jacob Letema.  A bore water well will be located in the village of Maziwa and in the village of Chemba. The drilling is expected to take up to two weeks.  The next phase is the pump installation which can take up to five weeks.  These wells are located near existing Anglican churches and the church staff will be trained in the maintenance of the wells during the months of July and August.

One of our volunteers will be visiting in Kondoa during the last two weeks of July.  She will be able to visit the locations, take pictures and videos and blog about her experiences.


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