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Doing more with less

The concept of efficiency is critically important as it applies to many different aspects of the farming life in Malawi. The yield per acre; farm output versus input; the percentage of water pumped that reaches the roots of the crop; the amount of time spent in the garden versus the level of production. Farmers who […]

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AWP Receives UTO Grant

Africa Windmill Project in partnership with St. Richard’s Episcopal Church and the Anglican Diocese of Kondoa, Tanzania has received a generous grant from the United Thank Offering to launch Africa Windmill Project – Tanzania!  They have agreed to fund half of the first year, which means we still need your help to complete this first year!  […]

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Water wells are underway

What we saw last year when we visited Tanzania was so obviously wrong we knew we had to do something to alleviate the situation.  Bore wells are not something that Africa Windmill Project has ever done before and are not planning on doing again, but sometimes the need is so severe that it must be […]

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