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Irrigation Training

  Irrigation allows a farmer to be productive year-round. This means that food production is less weather dependent, and more in the farmers own hands. Farmers who practice only rainy season planting must harvest their entire annual food requirement at one time. If the harvest is too little, better luck next year. But farmers who […]

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Using Data to Improve Project Design

Using Data to Improve Project Design The AWP Demonstration Garden is an important component of our project because it is a platform for teaching and research. Already this year we have conducted a tomato trial, resulting in a production of 880 lbs of tomatoes on a 4,500 square foot plot. The results of the tomato […]

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Tomato/Maize Trials

Our demonstration garden at Mziza is primarily platform for teaching about irrigation, but it also serves as a place for trials and experiments. Over the past four months, we have been conducting trials on maize and tomatoes. We planted 2,000 individual tomato plants on area of 4,500 square feet, or about 1/10 of an acre. […]

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