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This is the water source for Chemba village which has about 5,900 people living in the area.  The walk to water is approximately 1 to 2 ½ kilometers (5/8 of a mile is 1 km) depending on the location of the home.  The amount of time to walk to the water, stand in line, get […]

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Doing more with less

The concept of efficiency is critically important as it applies to many different aspects of the farming life in Malawi. The yield per acre; farm output versus input; the percentage of water pumped that reaches the roots of the crop; the amount of time spent in the garden versus the level of production. Farmers who […]

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AWP Receives UTO Grant

Africa Windmill Project in partnership with St. Richard’s Episcopal Church and the Anglican Diocese of Kondoa, Tanzania has received a generous grant from the United Thank Offering to launch Africa Windmill Project – Tanzania!  They have agreed to fund half of the first year, which means we still need your help to complete this first year!  […]

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