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In View

An irrigation chain: approx. 2,000 maize plants, 500 bean plants The demo garden pumps: A view of most of the demo: Water flow at the demo: (onions at 2 months) Flow at the corner: Watering onions, with mulch: Onion nursery near the demo, belongs to one of the Mziza club members:

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First Roots in the Ground at Siyasiya, Salima

Farmers were busy in their irrigated gardens the past three weeks, putting to practice what they learned during the initial trainings in April. At Salima, the St. Barnabas irrigation club transplanted tomato seedlings into the first section of their garden. Though they said they had some challenges at first, the irrigation process has not been […]

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Wind Power!

Here is a brief look at some of the windmills we are working on this season: Old Faithful: the AWP Demo Garden windmill has been pumping water into the reservoir since the end of last dry season. The windmill was disabled during the rainy season. Yesterday we hooked everything back up to mark the start […]

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