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Kick starting the winter crop


Farmers gathering at Mziza.Friday, met farmers at Mziza to discuss planting a starter for their winter crops. We are providing them with one packet of butternut squash seeds to plant now. We will market the crop together and use the proceeds to fund the winter crop, to be planted in April or May. Butternut squash […]

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Mziza Life and Gardens


Pics from Mziza. We walked all through the dambo checking out the locations for new water pumps. We just wanted to be sure that the wells were suitable. We also identified a few potential spot for windmills.

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Impromptu Composting Lessons


Last week we were passing through Mziza to check out the drinking well again. We were hoping for some inspiration on how to make the water safer to drink. What we got was a great image of how compost effects maize. This is a teachable moment 10 months in the making: we taught people how […]

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