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Still Leading

UPDATE:  At the beginning of August 2018 we decided to show up and see what Mr. Japhet was working on.  Much to our delight he welcomed us and was eager to show us his garden.  We didn’t find Japhet in Mziza, but picked him up at a trading center where he guided us to his […]

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Recognizing Outstanding Farmers

As the rainy season is winding down, preparation for irrigation is ramping up. But as we have noted in years past, many farmers don’t wait for the end of one season to start in on the next. They farm year-round. This is exactly the result we are looking for! This month we are recognizing two […]

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Working Toward a Goal

Every farmer we work with begins by assessing their basic household food needs. This assessment works more or less the same for everyone: add up number of people and multiply by recommended consumption. The trick to making this an effective tool in the fight against hunger is to teach and empower the farmers to do […]

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