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Community leaders are the change makers… not us..


In Jafet, the Mziza farming club have a leader who motivates by example. Whenever a club member is disheartened and says, “I cannot do this!”, Jafet is there to say “Yes you can! I have done it and I will help you!” Other leaders in the agriculture sector face the challenge of being seen as […]

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More about our beekeeping initiative…


In Sub-Saharan Africa, most farmers living in the rural areas take agriculture as their livelihood. In Malawi, a variety of agricultural activities happen in these areas and yet very few farmers know about integrating the various activities. Most farmers have little information regarding the practice of combining agriculture farming systems. Things have been like this […]

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Windmill now in play at the demo garden


Technologies are there to help people work efficiently and effectively in any sector of development. In irrigation development, so many technologies have been developed to assist in irrigation farming. However, the drawback has been that these technologies have kept on demanding man power when it comes to operating the technology and frequent attention. Farmers in […]

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