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Enabling families in the US to HELP families in Africa


Africa Windmill Project has a pressing need. A Truck. Our current transport is pictured here. We call it the “goat” named because the horn is broken and sounds like a sick goat when used (which is often, because, well, it’s Malawi). We love the gas mileage this car gets, but used parts that we can […]

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Project Update…


On 11 April 2011, Africa Windmill Project will install 30 water pumps. Well, if we can’t manage to do it all in one day it may take us the whole week. But by the end of that week, Mwakhundi and the Mziza Farming Club will have the means to irrigate 15 acres. The rains may […]

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ECHO seeds


ECHO supplied AWP with 9 varieties of seed for trial and propagation. Winged bean: A nutritious soya-like bean. Edible leaves, seeds, seedpods, etc. Millet: Drought resistant grain. Grain amaranth: A nutritious seed-grain with edible leaves. Grows like a weed! (Is that good or bad?) Pigeon pea: Legume with edible pea pods, good forage crop. Our […]

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