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Local Design Windmill


On the return journey of a recent field trip to irrigation sites in the Malawian lakeshore district Salima, we practically stumbled upon a local windmill. Tucked behind an¬†acacia¬†grove, so invisible to the many cyclists and motorists passing by, a recent high school graduate had been busy making his dream machine: a windmill generator/water pump. He […]

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The “Aha! moment”


In 7th grade I had a math teacher who said that rather than teach for the standardized tests, she teaches for the “Aha! moment”. She was a good teacher, and we all learned a lot from her, about geometry and algebra, but the teaching philosophy most importantly. The “Aha! moment” is the moment when a […]

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Domestic Well


Last week on Friday we installed a water pump into a domestic well. This is the second pump we have installed for domestic use, and the first that will be shared and used by a village community. (The other domestic pump is used by an individual in a village setting). Almost 3 weeks ago, the […]

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