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Irrigation Students at Natural Resources College


On the afternoon of 26 November, the lecture theater at Natural Resources College (NRC) was full with irrigation students and their lecturers awaiting a presentation on irrigation technology by Africa Windmill Project staff. The opportunity for the presentation came about after the lecturers visited AWP irrigation demonstration garden and were impressed with the irrigation technology. […]

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The “Aha! moment”


In 7th grade I had a math teacher who said that rather than teach for the standardized tests, she teaches for the “Aha! moment”. She was a good teacher, and we all learned a lot from her, about geometry and algebra, but the teaching philosophy most importantly. The “Aha! moment” is the moment when a […]

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Keeping bees, diversifying income


Farmers we work with regularly live hand-to-mouth. Whatever they have, it’s only enough for today, if even that. Tomorrow, they will go out to their fields to get some more food, they will go to the market to sell a handful of tomatoes to afford a bar of soap, or they will simply beg from […]

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