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Grass Mat Making at Mziza


Not just an outstanding lead farmer, our good friend Mr. Store is also an expert mat maker. We stumbled upon his craft before a meeting with the Mziza Farming Club.

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Fly on the Wall


If you were a fly on the wall at the AWP office today, you would be the fly most equipped to provide high-impact irrigation training in probably the whole of Malawi, even in all of Africa. Maybe you’d be the best six legged irrigation trainer in the WORLD! Ok, not many irrigation experts to compare […]

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The “Aha! moment”


In 7th grade I had a math teacher who said that rather than teach for the standardized tests, she teaches for the “Aha! moment”. She was a good teacher, and we all learned a lot from her, about geometry and algebra, but the teaching philosophy most importantly. The “Aha! moment” is the moment when a […]

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