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AWP Manual/Pedal Water Pump


This is Post No. 1 in a series of 5; each post deals with the particulars of our projects. These posts are designed to give more information about the technologies and techniques AWP is promoting. 1. AWP Manual/Pedal Water Pump2. AWP Windmill Water Pump3. Basin Irrigation4. Conservation Techniques5. Solar Water Heater         […]

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Mr. Ng’ondola Receives His Water Pump

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Farmer Without the Use of His Legs Impresses Africa Windmill Project


When you read this story, you will find yourself wanting to visit Paul Ng’ondola of Mchera village, traditional authority Kaluma, in Ntchisi district. This man has a great garden to look at, a good house to admire in his village, and an amazing story to hear. Mr. Ng’ondola was born,48 years ago, without the use […]

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