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New Irrigation Sites with World Relief


World Relief, whose mission is to empower local churches to serve the most vulnerable, works with 30 church communities in Salima District, Malawi. In January we began training Ministry Team members in irrigation techniques at Siyasiya, Salima. Later this month we will take the trainings to a new site. We are particularly excited for this […]

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Keeping bees, diversifying income


Farmers we work with regularly live hand-to-mouth. Whatever they have, it’s only enough for today, if even that. Tomorrow, they will go out to their fields to get some more food, they will go to the market to sell a handful of tomatoes to afford a bar of soap, or they will simply beg from […]

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Domestic Well


Last week on Friday we installed a water pump into a domestic well. This is the second pump we have installed for domestic use, and the first that will be shared and used by a village community. (The other domestic pump is used by an individual in a village setting). Almost 3 weeks ago, the […]

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