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Meet Khumbidze Kandodo A 63 Year old Widow from Mziza Village


When AWP formed an agriculture club in the Village of Mziza to introduce sustainable irrigation farming, few women joined, but among the few was Khumbidze Kandodo. Khumbidze was born in 1948 in Mziza. She never had a chance to go to school in the colonial days. She used to wake up every day to help […]

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The Windmill


Today we turned on the windmill to begin filling the reservoir. We are very pleased with the performance we saw today. We’ll return on Monday to get the results of from the weekend. It’s a beautiful structure rising out of nowhere on the edge of a dambo. Quite the sight to see! The tank is […]

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Harvesting Broccoli


Petros and Mr. Storo harvest broccoli for the first time. Just call me Mr. Broccoli AWP project coordinators discuss harvesting methods with a farmer Lunch in the field consisted of a carrot wrapped with lettuce, a.k.a. “vegetarian hotdog” or “rabbit’s delight”

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