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Third Harvest

This is not the season for growing corn and beans – at least not traditionally. While the rest of the village is thinking about the upcoming rainy season, the Mziza farming club continues planting, growing, and harvesting, just as they do year round.  Yesterday, we saw this maize garden approaching maturity. The sale of this […]

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Garden in Stages

Mpombe lead farmers recently learned how to use rope pumps for irrigation. Here is their garden at three stages during the training. First they graded the field for an even contour. Next, the most critical step was to make canals and beds for the water to flow to the crops. Finally, they planted beans and […]

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Rope Pump at Malika Village – Video

We visited Malika Village yesterday, where farmers are getting the hang of the new pump. During our visit, they pumped the well dry irrigating their crops.It’s time for a bigger well.  Watering with buckets can be so slow that the well refills faster than farmers remove water. With the rope pump, they can drain a […]

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